The Struggle Of The People

When the police gets out of line, it becomes the enemy of the nation.

That’s Armenia’s police tactics, which did not improve since the USSR to meet acceptable, civil standards, has adopted the brutality of the Ottoman Turkey’s Janissaries, Ataturk Turkey’s Gendarmerie, Soviet KGB terror-diversion units, and Azerbaijan’s OMON. Trained by their instructors they do what Kremlin tells them to do. Many of them, if not all of them, are pledged members of the Russian Kozaks, who are secretly receiving awards and medals from Kremlin for terrorizing Armenians.

The corruption of the mafia-oligarchs, who manage the money of the Russian GosDuma members in Armenia’s government (from Serzh Sargsyan down to the last filth, who serves under his dictatorship pyramid), the De Facto transfer of Armenia’s economy, joining the Ruso-Turkic Eurasian Customs Union (now Armenia is obligated to pay higher taxes on goods and services imported from non-Union countries, while the Union countries, including Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belorussia, sided with the non-member Azerbaijan Republic by arming and pledging their support to Aliyev, Armenia only got the $200 million loan to purchase Russian made weapons and the list of those weapons, but not the actual weapons), the use of Artsakh (Karabakh) as a tool to keep Aliyev and Sargsyan in power and both Azerbaijan and Armenia under the Russian influence by destabilizing the region from time to time, the transfer of Armenia’s Railroad, the transfer of strategic industries and technology, the transfer of Armenia’s airspace and Armenia’s Air Defense, the recent negotiations of transferring “uniting” Armenia’s Armed Forces to Russia’s Armed Forces… are all acts of treason and evidence of Russia’s anti-Armenian policy. Sargsyan’s readiness and willingness to comply with Russia’s Kazan Plan, the intentional isolation of Armenia from the rest of the world, the evidence of always voting pro-Russia, the intentional blocking of Iran’s gas and oil transportation to Georgia-Ukraine-Europe program in favor of Russia’s GazProm, and many other traitorous acts only prove that Armenia belongs to Russia De Jure also, which has now, after the April, 2016, mini-war become a threat to Armenia’s sovereignty.

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